42 islands around Angthong National Marine Park
Angthong National Marine Park
Blue Lagoon "Talay Nai" at Angthong
Angthong National Marine Park
Angthong National Marine Park

Highway Travel Booking (1989)

Highway Travel Booking (1989) Limited Partnership was established as travel agency and tour operator on Koh Samui since 1987, over than 30 years experience. We also provide car rental, boat rental and other excursion tour.

The main of our business is to operate the excursion tour by boat to Angthong National Marine Park, located 31 kilometers. North-west of Koh Samui lie the 50 isle archipelago of Angthong National Marine Park an enchanting wonderland of bulbous green isles clear blue logoon, mysterious cave and exotic rock formations.

Daily excursion tour and 2 days 1 night tours are operated by our boat and professional English speaking Guide.

Angthong National Marine Park:

This 102 square kilometer National Marine Park, dubbed as “The Golden Bowl of the Gulf of Thailand”, is 25 KMs west of Samui. It has been enlisted as the second national marine park since 1980. The park is composed of 42 islands such s Koh Pa Luay, Koh wua Taa Lub, Koh MaeKoh, Koh Hin Dub, Koh Nai Put and Koh Tai Plao.

Most of the islands’ terrains are limestone cliffs except Koh Pa Luay. The highest cliff situated in shallow sea near the coast is about 369 meters from mid-sea level. Due to sediments from the Taa Pee River, the sea is not quite clear. Near the southwestern coast, lies narrow coral reefs. There are many caves, openings in the rocks, and long tunnels along the rain shadow areas which are influenced by the northeastern wind. The long tunnels are nesting places of swallows.

Samui Islands:

History Ancient Coconut Island “Koh Samui” (Samui Island). This name had been known for a long time among ancient boatmen. Stories of the thousand-year past are told. “Khwan Fa stone ax used in the past as a device for hunting animals is found; it is believed that human being lived on Samui Island since the Stone Age. “Glong Mahoratug Sumrid” (Mahoratug Sumrid Drum), the most important archaeological evidence, was found in 2520 B.E. (1977) A.D.) in the area of Wat Taling Pung (Wat Kiriwong Karam), Talingngam District (Today it is kept at Chaiya National Museum, Suratthani Province).

Recently, the kind of drum was found at Moo 6 Marid District (Baan Lamai) in July 2000 and is kept today at Lamai Cultural Hall. These evidences are best proof that people on Koh Samui had made contact with people outside before the History, especially trading sea goods and culture.